Donny Bertucci

I graduate this year at Oregon State University where I study computer science and math.
Right now I'm working with the Venom Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Laboratory to build a wikipedia like platform for analyzing venom protein structure and function.
Previously, I was a member of the Carnegie Mellon Data Interaction Group (CMU DIG) where I worked with brilliant people like Ángel Alexander Cabrera , Dr. Adam Perer and Dr. Dominik Moritz . We worked on interpreting neural network behavior and building large-scale data visualizations.
Before that, I was a member of the Oregon State Data Interaction and Visualization Lab (DIV Lab) and mentored by Dr. Minsuk Kahng . We worked on building visual analytics systems to visualize and explore large datasets and problematic model behavior. I am truly thankful to have met and worked with Minsuk.
Below are some quick links to stuff I've worked on or am working on. Or check my CV for a longer list of what I've done.