Donald Bertucci

I am a junior at Oregon State University studying Computer Science.

Lately, I've been creating visualizations for humans to better understand and debug machine learning models.

I am fascinated in information and its complexity: how order arises, and it's dance with chaos.


2020 – Present

B.S. Computer Science

Oregon State University
Applied Option: Artificial Intelligence


Sep. 2022 – Present

Carnegie Mellon University

Research Assistant, CMU Data Interaction Group (DIG)
Researching ways to discover systematic errors in ML models. And also creating a library for scalable visualization.
Summer 2022

Carnegie Mellon University

Research Intern, HCII Summer Undergraduate Research Program
Researched, designed, and implemented interactive discovery of blindspots in machine learning models [_].
Primarily advised by Ángel Alexander Cabrera and Adam Perer . Advised by Nari Johnson and Gregory Plumb for machine learning. Hosted by CMU Data Interaction Group (DIG) . The overall program was led by Laura Dabbish .
Aug. 2021 – Aug. 2022

Oregon State University

Research Assistant, Data Interaction and Visualization (DIV) Lab
Designed and implemented interactive systems to understand machine learning models and data [_, _]. Worked under and advised by Minsuk Kahng .
Summer 2021

Oregon State University

EECS REU Summer Cohort
Practiced communicating research to computer science faculty and students. Presented [_] weekly and improved communication skills with feedback. Program led by Alan Fern .
Feb. 2021 – May 2021

Oregon State University

Research Intern, URSA Engage Research Program
Implemented interactive visualization to explain difficult concepts in machine learning [_]. Hosted by the DIV Lab and advised by Minsuk Kahng .




DendroMap: Visual Exploration of Large-Scale Image Datasets for Machine

Donald Bertucci , Md Montaser Hamid , Yashwanthi Anand , Anita Ruangrotsakun , Delyar Tabatabai , Melissa Perez , Minsuk Kahng
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (IEE VIS 2022). Oklahoma City, OK

Beyond Value: CHECKLIST for Testing Inferences in Planning-Based RL

Kin-Ho Lam , Delyar Tabatabai , Jed Irvine , Donald Bertucci , Anita Ruangrotsakun , Minsuk Kahng , Alan Fern
32nd International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS 2022).



Backprop Explainer: Interactive Explanation of Backpropagation in Neural Network Training

Donald Bertucci , Minsuk Kahng
Workshop on Visualization for AI Explainability (VISxAI, IEEE VIS 2021).

An Interactive Introduction to Autoencoders

Donald Bertucci
Workshop on Visualization for AI Explainability (VISxAI, IEEE VIS 2021).



Mirror: Interactive Discovery of Blindspots in Machine Learning Models

Donald Bertucci , Ángel Alexander Cabrera , Nari Johnson , Gregory Plumb , Erica Fu , Adam Perer
Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) Summer Research Showcase 2022.